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Our History


Capay Farms was established in 2011 as the orchard management organization for Violich Farms (founded in 1987). Over the past three decades, Violich Farms has become one of the largest growers of almonds and walnuts in the United States. Today, Capay Farms operates approximately 11,000 acres of company-owned, and leased land, and the land of several local farmers. The main office of Capay Farms is located just North of Hamilton City outside of Chico, CA. Capay Farms manages orchards in Glenn, Butte and Tehama counties.

It is rare to find large sections of contiguous farm land in Northern California. Violich Farms is fortunate enough to own Capay Ranch, one of the largest plots of adjoining acreage in the area. With more than 3,800 acres, Capay Ranch allows Violich Farms to more effectively manage their farming inputs and labor resources, providing a lower cost of goods and a distinct competitive advantage.

As one of the largest land owners in the Chico area, Capay Farms is dedicated to giving back to the community. Each year, Capay Farms donates generously to local Northern California organizations. In particular, Capay Farms is committed to providing funding for the arts and education.


The Violich Family